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Attorney Profile

Seth W. Spellman, III is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association and has been practicing Immigration and Nationality Law for over a decade. Seth has successfully handled immigration cases on a national level before Immigration Courts, the CIS Service Centers, Local CIS Offices, as well as U.S. Consulates in Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, and South America.

The practice of Immigration Law is a natural fit for Seth. His extensive international travel has served to heighten his appreciation of the world's peoples and cultures, and made him sensitive to the unique needs of his clients. It was during his law school internship at the Office of the Legal Advisor, U.S. State Department, Washington, DC, that his interest in immigration law blossomed. The experience he gained in working with the legal concepts underlying the development of U.S. foreign policy still provide Seth a strong foundation from which to analyze the constant changes in immigration laws and to match the laws with the needs of his clients.

Seth's practice areas include both employment based and family based immigrant petitions and nonimmigrant work visas for professionals, including religious workers.

Seth is a graduate of UCLA School of Law and admitted to practice in the District of Columbia.

Legal Assistant

Madhu Aggarwal, the daughter of a retired India diplomat, grew up at diplomatic posts around the world. She was educated in Europe and India, and thus is able to assist both our English and Hindi speaking clients negotiate the sometimes perplexing steps in the immigration process.

Our Mission

The Law Offices of Seth W. Spellman, III are designed and managed to provide responsive, individualize service to each of our clients.

We exclusively practice in the area of U.S. Immigration Law because we realize how very important our work is for you, our clients. In order to keep pace with the constant change in immigration laws, our law office utilizes advanced office technology for legal research, document creation, client case management, and communication with our clients. Thus, although we handle a large caseload, we are still able to provide a personalized touch in our work for you.

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